Eberhard Lindfordt is an international digital token market consulting company. We’re inspired by the blockchain and world-changing ideas. Experienced in every facet of the industry we support our clients throughout a whole way of successful transformations.

Our team is formed with the best industry specialists and our large network of key market players, experts and mentors will make your project grow faster from all sides and transform it into an extremely profitable structure.

10 years

10 years in software development and IT services

5 years

in crowdfunding and fundraising

7 years

in Blockchain industry

7 years

in marketing and PR

7 years

in B2B
and B2C sales

What we do

Analytics & consulting

Whether you’re a startup or operating business we offer our expertise to find a solution to any complex problem.
Using our experience to help your team identify and improve weaknesses to lower the risk for investors.
The analysis is presented to the advisors and investment funds.


Working directly with top media journalists we know how to create a buzz around your project. We examine your business story, create and distribute press material, place exclusive articles and interviews written accordingly to the media specifics, all just in several days.

Exchange listing

We develop exchange listing strategies and provide access to numerous crypto exchanges. To ensure successful listing, we deliver the most advanced market making solutions to create a highly active, healthy and profitable market.

Legal services

The right legal strategy is a key for successful future of your product or service. Our skilled lawyers have capabilities and necessary experience to provide legal setup, support and consulting for business of any scale and complexity.

Marketing campaigns

We provide A-Z marketing solutions to launch and boost your project. We served dozens of clients to reach brand awareness and succeed with sales and community growth.

Strategic Consulting

Review of the business model and market, token concept and token use development. We choose a calibrated strategy to develop the most successful ideas.

Advisory board

Reinforcing your project with the right influencers and advisors who will lead your team to the right direction by creating synergies and business connections to reach maximum publicity.

Tech development

Advanced and secure technical solutions for blockchain startups.
Smart contract development, technological solutions for the security of investors and wallets, code audit, consulting, apps and more.

Design & branding

We design an intuitive and selling landing or app to make your brand recognizable and successful. To see our unique approach and creativity view our portfolio.

Roadshow & events

We provide a variety of roadshow options and accelerating programs and offer individual participating conditions. Pitching, paneling and sponsorships at top crypto and fintech events, investors outreach, networking.



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